continue stating
that you’ve forgotten about me.
I like knowing
that I’ve faded out of your mind.
It eases my guilt
and gives me a chance
to be a total stranger to you.
I wanted you to forget my face
and my voice,
so I could use mind tricks
and seduce you again.

– Chatty Owl –

32 Replies to “ANEW”

  1. Owl,
    LOL That’s great! You are in control and that poor guy ain’t got a chance. He ought to just surrender and save himself because I am sure he will be coming on back again and again. I think of the cat with the poor battered but still alive mouse under one paw just sitting there casually waiting to see what happens. Well we all know what happens but that poor mouse doesn’t got a chance… I love your words every time I enjoy them… Thanks Owl, claudy

  2. If someone has truly forgotten, would they remember to tell you… And if they tell you, they are employing their own mind tricks… Well, at least they both could say they had goals in common. :p ….

  3. “You have to wonder
    what’s goin’ on,
    and maybe this time
    you’re overdrawn;
    This time around
    the pressure’s on.”

    Second chances are always good, especially when you get them without the baggage of the past!

  4. Ohhh, that ended differently than I thought. I like it. It’s kind of like watching a good movie the second time but you want it to be as enjoyable as the first time. 😀

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