I was 17
when you bumped into me
and picked me up
like a rotten apple
from the side of the road.
Not fit to eat, but
still juicy,
still with a smell of a fruit,
under your teeth and
on your inquisitive tongue.
You observe me
as I put spells on aluminium spoons,
bending them,
like I bend men to my liking,
making me
not a witch,
but a magician of sorts.
Don’t forget,
the reality is
the invisible infinity
we all fear.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. Hey There Owl! How the heck Have You Been Lady? I would typically call all females woman but after listening to your reading I feel comfortable calling you Lady! Super sexy and I was surprised by the British dialect because I expected American. I think because I am and WordPress is American mostly but not really sure why!
    You have an actress’s approach in your read. I could get you better levels and effects but for the production you most likely performed it was fantastic. I thought actress the whole time not poet!
    The shot of your image at the window sitting on the floor was gorgeous and you mouth mug shot for SoundCloud is again super sexy. You are a very sensual and drop dead beautiful woman. Wowwee! Woooooo! You!
    I enjoyed everything I read of yours and now expect top shelf in all that you document. I can not tell if you are speaking of actual experience or fantasy and that is another provocative aspect in all you do. I am not sure if you did in fact bleed on the carpet or rug as stated or not! I hope not! If something like that actually happened I would feel honored if you would call me first before proceeding at (813) 399-9130 or (813) 333 2054 . ..With so much talent and such an intellectual powerhouse I am sure there are better ways to express the lowest of all feelings and just know I can talk you through some better avenues. So never forget that at anytime on any day 24/7. Your pal and blog buddy, claudy PS I am going to send out the word on your blog with the social networks spaced out at different times and on different days to hope for best reach…take care

    1. Wow. What can I say, that’s one hell of a comment! Thank you for the praise (once again!). Sometimes I wonder, if it’s me, that doesn’t see how amazing I am, or are people in the world (like you) a little crazy πŸ˜› And you found my soundcloud… well… haha, you stalker you. πŸ˜› I’m glad you enjoyed my blabber and voice and that you think im a lady. That, actually, is quite right πŸ˜› I am one πŸ˜‰ In terms of all the dramatic and tragic things in my poetry – rest assured, my dear friend, its all fiction… but thanks, its good to know that you have my back. I’ll stay in touch!!!!! Hope all is well with you, my dear.

    2. Owl,
      Such a Powerhouse of thought matched with the ability to express. Some lucky someone will not be detoured from your attraction and then your life begins a new. I think I’m gonna cry just a little! Excuse me? LOL I am so fortunate to get to read the work of an artist of your caliber and certainly know it! Thank you like I said once upon a time…you trophy! Take Care, claudy PS I do got your back for real whenever……

  2. So, I had a whole thing written, and lost it in the interweb of doom. So, please forgive me not being nearly as articulate and so on, as my first impressions of your work are now lost…

    However, I would like to congratulate you on a well-written poem. I am particularly fond of the initial simile, as it creates a sense of wonderment in me in regard to how we see ourselves and others see us. Given that it is an accurate simile, I wonder how far you could have taken it, because, for some odd reason, it simply does not feel complete.

    1. Apologies for a late reply. Im honoured to see that you still took time to re-type and share your opinion about my writing. As to all the artists, it means a lot and it shows that something one does is not in vain.
      I agree, i felt like something is missing here, but the problem with my writing is… I dont like editing, changing or fussing a lot with what i write. Im so used to share the raw product, the draft. Its how my creative process works. When i try editing and changing, i get bored of my own words. So many poems ended up being discarded that way….
      But im delightful to hear your opinion and please know, it was greatly appreciated.

    1. You getting on your way is the saddest thing you could do to me!!! 😦
      Ok. Maybe im teasing you a little. Im just glad to see you.

  3. how many times can I say – how well you weave your chosen words, the simplicity yet the power the words you choose and how you structure your verse…ech juz sayin – you are bloody brilliant πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Last year? 17?

    Coffee, tea, or me?
    Of these — one or two or three?

    Of thee, to me?
    We shall see.

    Scavengers hunt?
    No, scavengers scavenge.
    Predator or scavenger
    Both ravage

    Yet I swoop in between
    Neither soother or mean
    Eating living or dead
    What lies waiting in your bed?

    Yep. That’s all I got to say about that.
    Run, Forrest! Run.

    1. Chatty Owl,

      I know you are a big girl, but I’d be careful about creepy old men who fawn over you.

      Then again, you might like that kind of thing…

    2. I’m used to their fawning over years and learned how to distance myself enough to just be a fictional character rather than a woman of flesh and bones. The concern is appreciated though.

    3. i figured. I just know that some of them live in fantasy and would interpret the fictional character as real. Idealization is fine, it’s the devaluation that’s a bitch.

    4. Well, normally, it’s not mine either. Except I used to know TBS. It’s hard to see him spill out to you what I wished he would have, for me. I was hurt…but I’m over it now. It doesn’t matter anymore. To be honest, if I was a man, I’d lust after you too. You are beautiful and a mystical creature and you write seductive poetry, something I wish I could but just can’t (yet).

    5. Not personally, no. You may have seen me on TBS’s blog. I used to comment there, but not anymore. After four years of friendship, it was time to move on. We drove each other crazy.

    6. Yeah, he posted a poem a little upthread.

      He’s just somebody that I used to know. Or thought I did.

      Have a great 2014!

  5. I read your poetry with a touch of awe, fear and generous dose of curiosity.

    I’m exploring different styles and I have to say, I like yours.

    I’d like to turn more of my experiences with my lovers into poetry, and I will. It’s funny how I was not so shy in the moment, but I find myself very shy when it comes to expressing my experience in poetry. My poetry is far too tame…and doesn’t come close to describing the shadows I’ve played in.

    I have to go check out your earlier pieces.

    All the best.


    1. Thats such a grand thing to say.. Thank you, Casey. I can relate that sometimes its difficult to write the way words are in your mind and to express the emotion thats inside.
      Im very happy to hear that you thought my blog was worth your time and you enjoyed looking through it.
      It means a lot to me.

    1. Oh darling, thank you! Thanks for the re-blog and for such kind comments about my work. I guess i dont see my poetry the way others do, so im always pleasantly surprised when i read the feedback from others..

  6. Not fit to eat? But still sweet enough to want a taste. We are all rotten within my dear Miss Owl. Some by our own corruption, some at the hands of others.
    Another tragic piece of a puzzle.
    What if the ‘spoon’ is unyielding, and the mind cannot bend it? Will you then use your hands…?

    1. If we are all rotten inside to some degree, then i guess others are better at hiding that fact.
      Oh well…
      And yes, mind sometimes loses its power, so the manual labour of hands is often a good solution. πŸ™‚

  7. I didn’t like the beginning, it made me sad. You are never rotten. 😦

    I agree with Rosh, that ending though… shivers. I also agree with Mike very well done you wordsmith you. πŸ™‚

  8. well, this is my very first read of yours, and let me say. . . i love it!! can’t wait to read more of your work.

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