You’re pulling strings,
subtly tugging
on my attention.
I arrest my shy ways
around you,
and we both show our smiles
in a cold morning sun.
Words weave their way
round branches
and twigs,
leaving my mouth
and floating into yours,
where you taste them
with your inquisitive tongue.
You twist my mind
into a wisp,
and I repeatedly
open my eyes,
to feel the thrill of ecstasy
(every time I do so)
of seeing you’re still here,
kissing me.
You make me sigh and lick
my lips, until
I feel the coldness of a wind
kissing me in return.
You’ve disappeared,
leaving an owl

– Chatty Owl –

67 Replies to “WISPY”

  1. Love this, friend. I call you that because I can feel yr continual support for my work on my blog & it is indeed appreciated.
    I like what you do w/yr creative hand, too. G

  2. Almost as if it was a dream, the kind you think is real until you wake up and realise it wasn’t and you’re left with an urge to quickly fall back asleep and rejoin the dream but its too late! Kind of like that πŸ˜‰
    Beautiful poem dear, it just flows along so effortlessly!!

  3. I wouldn’t leave, if I had the opportunity to taste the words from mouth to mouth. That’s the way I think but since there is always an ending to leave readers feeling empty, the climax is just perfect.

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