I sit at the edge of your bed,
watching my thoughts reflecting
in your dreams.
You say I’m a witch
because of all those things
I’m capable of doing
to you and the others,
so I touch your backbone
to check,
if my spell is still present.
We are smoke-free,
the room is all foggy –
like a cloud of a sexual haze
that we can’t colour any other shade
rather then this
sensual drip of a rainbow.
I’m watching you
keeping your eyes shut,
as if wanting to savour
every memory of a dream
that’s running away from you
into the autumn-scented street outside
your bedroom window –
I pinch it with my fingers,
freezing time for just a second,
and when I press it upon my lips,
it’s feels like a deconstructed kiss

– Chatty Owl –

63 Replies to “DECONSTRUCTED”

  1. You’ve got me
    with this hex
    or is it a spell
    I’m dwelling on
    or under
    covers and sheets
    neatly pressed
    now tangled into
    a bloody mess
    the way we left them
    when we left
    this morning
    without warning
    or any coffee
    except a kiss
    wasn’t missed
    and that’s a given
    deconstructed or not
    there’s always time
    for sublime love!

    1. I did! Was wondering why it reminded you of what it reminded, but yeah, pretty awesome! Hope your hungover is not killing you πŸ˜›

  2. I pinch it with my fingers,
    freezing time for just a second,

    I love that line, it makes me think of the occasions when I wanted to freeze time just to make the moment stretch a little longer, although the bad thing about wanting to stop time is you know the only reason you want to do it is because this moment won’t come round again, something is ending, like the last word in your poem suggests; goodbye.

    1. That’s the thing, isn’t it? You are wanting to stay in the moment that is doomed anyway. Sad, right?
      Heading to your blog later to see what you’ve been up to.

  3. “autumn scented street,” beautiful. The concept of chasing a dream that is getting away is the subject of my third book. The way you captured wondering about the closed eyes is magnificent.

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