You occupy my mind
and I can’t resist you,
as I dream of things
that haven’t happened
I’m hiding the things
that I wish had not.
Happiness is in disguise
and I want to rise up,
walk right out that door,
but all I can do
is lock it tight behind me,
just staying in this room
and jumping to conclusions
as you jump all over me
with your words,
and orders.
I want to let go of things
I haven’t yet achieved,
but you are overwhelming
my walls of flesh,
and I want to walk
barefoot to you,
offering up myself
as a parting gift
of total obedience.

– Chatty Owl –

84 Replies to “A POEM ABOUT NOTHING”

  1. “and I want to rise up,
    walk right out that door,
    but all I can do
    is lock it tight behind me,
    just staying in this room”

    It is all about the capsule of time — we rolling in it — either want or not!
    A nice poetic expression.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry for a late reply. Well, time is a tricky thing and as you say, we dont get to choose if we want to be rolling in it!

    1. I have to for my own sanity. Working as a registered nurse every day makes you see things differently and after the death of my 21 year old daughter this year I realized that all of this doesn’t matter. I take every day as a blessing now.

    1. I know few people who are brilliant in seeing the silver lining in the worst of situations and they always leave me amazed and speechless of this ability.

  2. There is a delicious sense of almost impersonal intimacy in this, as if you are as lost in observing as you are in experience. This gives it a beautiful and sort of hesitant openness. I love good writing, so I’m now following your Blog

    1. Thank you so much for all the likes and such a beautiful comment. Im glad you picked up on this black and white contrast in my poem and it warms me to know that you enjoy my blog. I will head down to yours later!

    1. I hate auto spell there is a strenght to completely relinquish one’s self to another. It takes enduring trust. complete trust in another person is a strength that all do not understand

  3. Wanting…..wishing…..hoping not to perish in the world of someone so sorrowful..Yet we wait for more..
    Tragic yet spellbinding.

  4. Parting gift, overwhelming inside, barefoot obedience…… Miss Owl, your ‘nothing’ is some peoples everything! ;p

  5. Barefoot and new paths abandoned… Sounds like the focus is on a glamourless now. Offered as you are, with nothing more. And yet you present yourself as a gift, something another desires. Speaks highly of yourself when even in a raw self acknowledgement of your reality bared, you know that another will be quite satisfied with your “nothing” more.

    1. That’s the wishful thinking of a need to be accepted as you are, right? But then again, doesn’t that put pressure on another person, who is receiving the gift? It’s like an obligation to be satisfied with the “nothing more” gift.

    1. You’re very welcome – not sussed yet! but blog address change may have helped and to be honest – I’ve had better weeks but thanks for asking – how about you? Cheers J

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