Do you even realise,
how much I miss your dark eyes
looking at me
and guessing my every thought
You were the one,
that set my inner bird free,
turning every bar of my cage
into an opportunity.
And I flew…
I flew like a feathery cloud across skies.
Six times around the world.
And you chased after me
in the most endearing way,
that it turned my single journey
into a trip
with no bad comebacks.
I still remember
how you entered my heart
with music,
and stayed inside
long enough
to make me twitch with pleasure.
I have never experienced anything
greater than that.
Turn around
Turn around, goddamit!
And let me love you again.

– Chatty Owl –

49 Replies to “UNCAGED”

    1. That’s such a sweet thing to say. Thank you very much, it makes me smile to think/know that others enjoy my thoughts on paper πŸ™‚

    1. It’s like with everything in the world – little details stick with us the most, little details make things count, they influence us more than we think.
      I’m so thankful that you stumbled upon my blog, because this in return made me find yours.

  1. I hope he turns around as well. Wonder why he turned away? I always wonder that. But one thing I know is that if he turns I might not be there when he does maybe, I don’t know. I love your poetry. It’s far better then mine in expression!

    1. Thank you! I will still need to find time to go and visit your blog (talk about not enough hours in the day), but I’m delighted that you thought it was good. In regards to your question, why he turned away in the first place? That’s a good question. To find a better place to be? Who knows now.

  2. “I still remember
    how you entered my heart
    with music,
    and stayed inside
    long enough
    to make me twitch with pleasure.
    I have never experienced anything
    greater than that.”
    I can very much relate to this. Stunning poem, beautiful flow.

    1. Not sure if it’s right of me to say that I’m glad you can relate to this (I’m not the one to be happy about someone else’s misery), but I’m glad that my writing touched a corner of your heart. Thanks for visiting, dearest.

    1. Thanks Amanda. It’s always nice to see you around my playground, reading my works πŸ™‚ And that line you singled out from a poem.. Well, sometimes I don’t care when I write so raw πŸ˜‰

    1. Now that’s a beautiful thought that haven’t crossed my mind. And I wish it did! Thanks. See, that’s why I enjoy people like you stopping by my blog and reading my words – I see other points of view that I wouldn’t have thought of.

  3. There is love and then there is life, Its enemy. Can’t recall who said it but your poem reminded of that or made me feel like that…either way. Great prose as usual.

    1. Thanks dearest. You see, that’s the thing about my voice – I dislike how I pronounce certain sounds and it leaves me so frustrated, I often just give up on that. And then I read comments like yours, which makes me smile and encourages me to change the attitude I have. So I’m forever grateful to you! x

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