Senses are suppressed,
dimmed like lights in the hallway,
where I often pace up and down –
it feels like stepping into the mystery of your mind,
and very often I feel a need to explore
the more obvious corners of it.
Exposed patches on the wall
usually hold the biggest secrets.

Half-sided pain
acts like a motivation to deal with this darkness,
that slowly falls on me here.
Seized opportunities on the right,
lost chances on the left,
and I’m balancing on a thin line of

You never faced me,
never stood in front,
you always casually appeared somewhere behind me,
as if you were always scared
to expose your scarred soul.
The irony,
because I know
that you can sense my duality
of a fallen human
and a newly-proclaimed mermaid.

Reality is always fishy,
if you scale it down to little details,
and swallow them like vitamins,
believing that if you take life in small doses,
it will not affect you as much.
Bristle chunks of the past
tickle your conscience mad
and get stuck in the windpipe –
it causes you to reach out for me,
as if I’m your only chance to survive –
a supply of fresh air
where I roam in my newly-discovered destiny
as a siren –
a creature of the unknown abyss –
someone too slippery to grasp.

That’s why I’m still,
refusing to turn around,
because I can feel the pain subsiding,
which means only one thing –
I imagined you again.

– Chatty Owl –

47 Replies to “NEVER YOURS”

  1. I often dream I’m drowning. Then gulp in water at the dying second realising in my dream state that I can breathe underwater. So this imagery feels comfortably familiar!

    1. I think they are getting different from the ones that I used to write let’s say last year. I guess the owl is evolving πŸ˜‰

  2. I wrote this for the best poet I know alive today, but you can share the sound of it, too. Enjoy! It took me about 4 hours, but it’s truly worth it.


    A brilliant smile behind her eyes
    That speak her lips that touch
    Hides not at all her soul that sighs
    Of fears in me too much.

    A beaut’ful mind atop her nose
    That tells the subtlest scent
    Not from within a budding rose
    But of my heart so meant.

    Her hair a creek flows down her cleave
    Along the curve its shore
    So that my eyes would never leave,
    To always want for more.

    She bursts to laughs so fair and bright,
    A wink to speak my heart
    Of hers in me to never bite,
    A tongue so sweet that darts.

    Though mountains move and oceans dry,
    Her genius never dies.
    She takes my heart through lows and highs:
    It’s here alone I fly. (This line taken directly from her work.)

    1. So gentle and fair, he pisses in style…

      Anyways. I was taking a short break after meeting a client. Back to work now.

      By the way, please change “That tells” to “Can tell” in verse 6, just to make sure that there’s a verb in the 2nd stanza and that it’s her mind and not her nose that connects to my heart.

    2. If my fourth stanza appears too difficult conceptually, due to a parse error performed by a supercomputer like you, you can come to my blog post for a detailed explanation ( My poetry is always holy, godly and clean! When commas are flying everywhere, making words difficult to parse, the sexiest interpretation tends to win. That’s how our minds work. Did you speak to your neurologist lately?

    1. Thank you, my dear. Enchanting? That’s a word I like, thanks for making me smile, dear. P.S I’m still waiting for that email πŸ˜›

  3. Not bad for a beginner. I don’t see the rhyme but then I never have. I think little owl that you swallowed some helium because this soars with or without feathers.

  4. A fantastic piece Chatty, I really enjoyed the lenght, because your poems are foten short and leave me always wanting to read more and more,so this piece thrilled me πŸ™‚

    1. It’s so surprising you said that! I always have an inkling to shorten my poems, because I know how annoying it is for people to read the long ones. So I’m absolutely thrilled to find out, that you think longer poems are ok!!!

  5. This is a true heart song that can only partly be processed by the mind. The rest is a love song from the soul that must be felt very deeply and understood beyond the words themselves

  6. Too good to be true or too true to be good? Maybe it’s our assumption that the truth is somehow bad that keeps us from ever really knowing it or allowing ourselves to experience something truly good! Instead we become content to settle for the lie and choose to believe it as the truth because after all, a lie is always more beautiful than the ugly truth but only on the surface!

    1. Too true to be good! I like this! Well, to settle with current content is definitely a mistake, so everyone should push their boundaries to a state of uncertainty, because that’s what strives us to go forward.

    2. Very very true, contentment will definitely slow down and even dissuade progress and movement forward, unless of course you find yourself content with where you wanted to be in the first place and then I’d say enjoy being content!

    1. Thank you, Paul. You know very well how impressive I think your latest poetry is, so I’m in awe to find out that you like mine too.

  7. As I sit here, eating breakfast and popping my ironic morning ritual of fish oil pills into my mouth, I can only smile & savor your words. Outstanding!! πŸ™‚

  8. another exceptional and outstanding piece of writing

    Reality is always fishy,
    if you scale it down to little details,
    and swallow them like vitamins,
    believing that if you take life in small doses,
    it will not affect you as much.

    Reality indeed, I am in awe of your cleverness with details, I bow to you Ms.Owl.

    1. Thank you. *ms owl bows* πŸ˜‰
      It’s interesting to see different people liking different lines of my poems, it makes me understand my readers better too.

    1. Your comment reminded me of the feeling that I have when I look back at my old poetry sometimes. I have no words. But not in a good way.

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