I know you miss me,
I feel your thoughts on my skin –
they descend like a bird
with a broken wing,
in need to find a long-lost home.
I am quiet
and tell you nothing
about other visitors making nests
in the coldness of my hostile arms,
because I don’t want to rush you away
too early,
before I’ve got a chance
to see,
if you will sing to me again,
once healed.

– Chatty Owl –

68 Replies to “COME BACK TO ME”

  1. This one sucked did anyone tell you it should have been descend not descent.
    You are still however simply the best!!!!!!
    Hurry we await more

  2. Every man, no matter how handsome, dominant, creative or sucessful (many on this list), is a birdy with a broken wing that needs love in all its forms They won’t even mind if they are eaten or tossed out later. They just need it now.

    1. well thanks Miss, but i still think it was the right thing to say. i realized my comment was a poem rumbling around in my head for a few days, so the edited version became a Haiku.

      no hard feelings, i hope.

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