I refuse
to turn half way to meet your eyes,
and that’s the side of me
you haven’t seen before.

I’m not the one
to offer compromises,

I watched you from afar
longer than I can remember,
and you never noticed,
how I learned your movements
by heart.
You’re predictable.
And that’s what makes you…

I smile to false-convince you,
that my naivety is genuine,
but darling,
you just don’t know what I know.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. “I smile to false-convince you,
    that my naivety is genuine”

    I simply love starting my morning reading lines such as this! Brilliant, Ms. Owl, and words/emotions I know only too well.

    I love & appreciate the honesty of your prose πŸ™‚

    1. You should read my newest poem. It’s about The darkside of Disneyland. You’ll never get to read anything like this. Only because people don’t want to read about Disneyland. Please read and comment. I’d like to hear your interpretation.

  2. Miss Owl, the mystery wraps a new strand of black lace around my eyes of understanding by the day. Deeper into the maze I go! πŸ˜‰ Beautifully written.

  3. The wily ways of women will ever be a mystery to us mere males and a knowing glance from a woman, especially a wife or girlfriend, will stop most men in their tracks, unless they’re drunk or plain stupid πŸ™‚

  4. But then again you don’t know what they know either! We take comfort in thinking we have everything all figured but that’s the moment when we realise that we never even knew the half of it! Thinking someone is predictable also makes us predictable as well.

  5. So the man on the television is telling me; just how white my shirts should be. I wonder if that’s what you mean by predictable. You are right, no one could know what you know. Wait! Are we still talking about shirts?

  6. You’re predictable.
    And that’s what makes you…

    Nice line.

    I wouldn't be taken in by predictability though….some of the most predictable people I know have astonished me by doing something rash, for better or worse.

    Love the title too.

    1. i was shocked to see you again..haha..the red roses gone.. your palms are hiding your faces now..the picture.

  7. such an interesting title, lovely lady. There seems a great deal you are leaving me to know as well. It’s nice having the upper hand..that’s what I read in this – but pfft I shall probably be wrong again lol x

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