Elevated and provocative.
Carved in stone
and burnt in wood.
You are preserved
in every single element of life.
They name you,
yet not applying labels,
and you’re the benchmark
of their beginning and the end.
The paths they take,
it’s all a reference to you –
their dedication is immense.
They take their steps
to match your shadow,
and their spine
is in the perfect line
of your bare shoulders.
They wish for that long-waited cross,
a new-breed of human.
You know they think of you
As someone godly.
Are you?

– Chatty Owl –


  1. If God is just a human construct, created for comfort, then we are all God because we are the creators of our own reality. If there is a God and we are created in his image then we are all, again, God (or God-like)!

    1. Im so glad you enjoyed this particular one! I get inspiration from reading so many great blogs around here, yours being one of them.

  2. A quite intense little piece Ms Owl, the questions posed, my fave lines -and their spine is in the perfect line of your bare shoulders. I like this direction as much as your others 🙂 x

  3. Humans crave the existence of someone greater than themselves, as hope that they too, or someone at least, can truly be excellent, that it’s possible. When we can’t find that person, we crave it so badly we’ll create him or her, fabricate the divine. Nobody can stand on that pedestal.

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