They look at you
and your clothes tell a story
of last night.
White shirt
strangers hair all over it –
it’s like the last straw
to their tolerance.

To your innocence,
that you lost
at the same time
you lost your mind.

(And clothes).

Thin stitchings of dignity
got ripped
as you were sitting on the lap of a stranger.

See-through tops
see-through minds
mesh together into a thinning net,
that sets such a strong foundation
for new victims to be caught
and savoured by your lips.

Your shoulders move
in the direction of their gazing eyes,
and you can tell,
that slowly
you are twisting
one of them
around your fingers
and your toes.

Count them.
Give them names.
You’re famous after all.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. But what if I want to be twisted around her see-through-top finger? What if I’ll happily fall into the net for the savor of those lips? Is that bad?

  2. I really enjoyed this. How something as serious as this poem could ever be confused with or remind anyone of ridiculous celebrity circus sideshow bullshit is way beyond me! I guess not everyone has the intellect to see the depth and layers to your poetry but from one who can, brilliant stuff my dear!

    1. Haha, you do amaze me with your ability to speak your mind! That’s true, no celebrities of the freak show were involved in this poem.
      Maybe my words are for a certain audience.

  3. Beautifully written.

    And as if a sign of the times, I have no idea what people above are talking about reMiley Cirus. Off to google land to try and work it out.

    1. This made me smile. I really chuckled, thinking how high of an opinion you have about me, Doug. 🙂
      I would need to taste that moonshine so i could compare 😉

    2. Yea, I’ve never tasted it either. Prefer the Dom. If I run across some of the moonshine, I will send a small decanter to you in London. Ha!

    3. Well, please do! I’ll be eagerly waiting for that parcel of the nasty liquid, haha.
      (I read the comment you deleted. Would need to find appropriate medium to type you the response).

    1. I do not really covet the current doings of celebrities – but her performance is being discussed everywhere I look and I learned a new word because of it – twerking. Oy!

    2. I guess its an american thing, i dont think those news travelled to uk in such a big wave. Or maybe because i hardly ever watch tv, haha.

  4. First – sorry but for some reason the twerking that Miley Cirrus sprung to mind..mybad… you did put me in the ‘spot’ – the alluring, the deceit… another great write Ms Owl. x

    1. I dont know what is going on with M.Cirus, but I didnt have her in mind 🙂 im so far removed from that world of celebrities…

  5. Oh the walk of shame….
    Yet you manage to put a somewhat controlling beauty on it ( if that makes sense)
    Anyway…amazing as always owlybutt…truly.

    1. really? coz reading my comment now i have no idea what i meant 😀 …def not Ms Cyrus tho lol

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