I’m two steps ahead of you,
and I already can’t remember
what it feels like
to be there,
where you are now.
You point towards the ground
and ask me
to walk a mile in your shoes,
but my dear, I say,
I have my own shoes to worry about,
as I speed up,
leaving you and your shoelaces.

– Chatty Owl –

47 Replies to “OUT OF STEP”

    1. I hope so. From time to time i need a fresh start. Like something of a reminder to tell me that i can.
      Maybe drop me an email some time? Please?

  1. fool to let her go
    they chatted later at the pub
    not knowing six feet
    might be ten thousand miles.
    we stop when no word
    no twine no chain we own
    can ever be strong enough to bind her

  2. ha ha – he needs to be quicker – love the new sharp format except the font is small for these old eyes – speaking of which, I’m sighing to see you still toy with us in your veil – I’ve decided to believe you must be someone quite famous

    1. Oh, is it really? I need to look into that then! Wouldn’t want to have you not visiting my blog just because of that! Will get that changed, mister. Definitely.
      Now… About that picture.. Shhhh, dont tell the others what have you discovered…

    1. I’ve been good thanks hope that you too have spent
      an excellent period dear greetings.


  3. welcome home:) your picture is lovely. they say the eyes are the gateway to the soul – instead of providing us with your eyes, you are providing us with your words – another gateway to the soul. 🙂

    1. Hook is here! How you doing, mister? Thanks, by the way. Im making my way through everyone’s blogs today.. Damn, its a lot to catch up with..

    1. Thats good. To search is a good sign. I hope you’ll find it.
      A bit of a personal question. Is everything ok with that girl you were after?

    2. jaj, true is that never happened, she just stop coming to my house and I stop searching for her (I never really started …). There are other girls that I want, but at the moment, I’m alone

  4. it is good to see you back posting your poetry again… I missed reading your words… your absence was felt…

  5. A whimsical little piece to start the ball rolling again, like the new look, don’t know about covering those eyes of yours, the men shall be so disappointed! Welcome back Ms. Owl, you and your writing have been missed.

    1. You know.. I think its the other way round.. I cover my eyes and they want to see them. Then i give in and show them, they get all… Intimidated.. Who knows.
      Anyhow, im glad to see you on my turf. I really do. 🙂

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