I watch the rain
kissing the other side of my window
and wonder,
if that’s how you feel,
when I touch you,
having another man
on my mind.
You know,
as if my hugs
were wrapped in a plastic sheet
and all you can feel is
the artificial warmth.
Is that what it is for you?

My dry lips
are screaming for water
as I watch those droplets
going south,
teasing me with their wet presence,
and that’s the moment,
when I realise
I shouldn’t stay with you,
on the wrong side of the rain.

– Chatty Owl –

35 Replies to “THE MOMENT”

    1. Darling, thanks so much for liking my poetry. Sometimes it comes easily to me, and thats when i get praise from people like you, whose opinion i value a lot. Thank you.

    1. Ooooo, that was a great compliment my way, mister! How do i do it? Im simply awesome, haha. Kidding. I guess… It just happens!

    1. Thanks lady! Sorry for such a late reply. Being away does that to you… Im glad to be back now and catching up with wordpress as much as i can.

  1. photosynthesis

    I felt it
    not from the distant eyes
    it was the scent of the rain in your hair.
    I wonder if I knew him – must
    feign deafness should a name
    escape – a whisper as I rode you.
    Dare he hold your gaze
    or bask in the subdued reflection
    as flowers crave the setting sun?
    There are roots I cannot forsake
    and sometimes the scent of jasmine
    must be enough

  2. Your strength of presence in this masterpiece is amazing. As you watch the wetness tease South I will tantalize an owl to wet it’s feather with merriment in the rain.

  3. another jewel. your poems take off from the branch of human desire, yet the heaven you are drawn to, desire itself. what an artful liturgy of passionate verse you create for us. xo tony

    1. Im glad that these are your thoughts, evoked from my words. It brings me utterly the biggest joy. Sometimes im not sure if such high praise is needed, but i like it nonetheless.

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