Vertical shadows stand behind me
like cyclopean statues,
as reminders,
that we are always watched
by the eye.
Eerie rendezvous of the night
an obsessive addiction
of the mundane daylight
and we sigh over dreams,
that we wasted away
You and me
are becoming

– Chatty Owl –

36 Replies to “ILLER”

  1. The beauty in writing that “where we live inside ourselves” can be vastly different from the words we pen, I love dark and again you have captured the audience with your words. x

  2. It’s only when we address the cause of the illness itself that we can begin to heal and become well, just treating the symptoms only masks the underlying source of the illness allowing it to continue and grow stronger.

  3. This darker tone is tantalizingly dangerous. Loses me in the dark corridors of what could be beautiful! But you still handle that so gorgeously. Your words crafting darkness of the realization of a relationship gone on for to long. Bitterness and sickness never struck me so intently!

  4. This is hauntingly beautiful, Chatty, and I love your creativity! So glad I found your site! Many hugs for brighter days ahead and a wonderful weekend!
    Lauren xx

  5. I do hope a brighter light finds your heart and bathes you in the beauty you deserve,
    Only a few poetess have touched my heart the way yours do. Do be well my dear owl.
    We need to find you a new perch to sing your song from.

    1. Oh Benjamin, your praise is always appreciated and I always feel honoured, when you pay my blog a visit. Thank you for this.
      I must clarify one thing though, its not based on personal experience and inside, owly is a very happy bird πŸ™‚

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