You want to slam the door
and let the locals hear the noise
of your vocal cords,
but you know that
once you’re on the other side
of that door,
you won’t get invited back.

You act all surprised
and say things like
“But we never argued”,
“Yet we are now”,
I reply
and it’s a bitter irony –
we are fighting about fighting.

“You’ll be fine”, I say
and you grab my shoulders
with both hands,
pleading me to love you,
but sex is not love
and I only spread my legs for you.

Time heals it all,
but you are so impatient
waiting for it,
that you check clocks and watches
all around you
more often than a hasty handle
ticks from number to number,
in hope
that maybe it’s
all-good-now o’clock.

Well it ain’t.

– Chatty Owl –

53 Replies to “NO TITLE”

  1. Reading this was like watching waves full of emotion crash meaningless on cold cliffs of indifference. Well done. I loved the conversation, and the “fighting about fighting”.

    1. Thank you. Thats always a beautiful irony, when people do things for the sake of it…
      Anyhow, so glad you stopped by to comment!

  2. Very nice. Makes me nervous and that’s good. (I heard words like this before from someone I was trying to convince there was more to she and me than practicing reproduction techniques)

    1. Dont you think its odd to be nervous in a good way? πŸ™‚ sorry to hear about the “convincing”. I assume it didnt work out in the end? Thats a shame… 😦

    2. Yeah well she fell for a Italian Baron and I learned a lot. So it is all good in the end. Talked to the Baron a few years back and he was trying the same convincing number. Don’t think it worked for him either.

    1. I think these type of enotions and mood is definitely something the majority will feel it hit home.. Thanks for commenting. I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend x

  3. Striking, yet I am glad to feel such power coming from your side. You are precious and you deserve to feel like that, without some huge effort and calculation of what you give and what you don’t.

  4. This
    ‘β€œYou’ll be fine”, I say
    and you grab my shoulders
    with both hands,
    pleading me to love you,
    but sex is not love
    and I only spread my legs for you.

    So so freakin good!

    1. Im glad so. Even if its not the most positive one, at least its something that will pester your soul for a minute or two.

  5. Such fury and passion in your words, Chatty. I absolutely love this. Even in anger, you can feel how alive the characters are. It’s when doors get slammed, and you turn an apathetic eye to the world around you, that you know the fire has died.

  6. I can certainly relate to this!! I remember times when I’d cross the street with no regard to traffic almost hoping I’d get hit and put out of my misery. I’m still here though, pressing on and very thankful that I am!

  7. This is one of the most honest and emotional poems you have ever posted, it honestly made me cry it was so good! Probably because it instantly brought back long buried memories of slamming doors and raised voices and the opening two verses grab you by the throat and wont let go till the end!

    1. Im glad it hit home with you. Not that i want to bring back bad memories, but i like, when people relate to my words. It makes my poetry more alive to them and the connection becomes stronger. Dont cry…

    2. Oh I know what you mean, there was definitely a strong connection to your words and the poem really did come alive because of it! You’ve truly outdone yourself with this one my dear!

  8. I absolutely adore the use of the conversation between character male and character female. It makes it even more alive then normal. Kind of like a musical! It has a rhythm to it and the words hit home the points trying to be conveyed. The coldness, the using, the fighting. For some reason it made me smile. Bitterly. I know this situation. It’s one I hold very dear because I learned so much from it. I hate it but I love it.
    Thank you for bringing this alive in such a vivid and almost upbeat/tongue-in-cheek way! Fantastic as always! πŸ™‚

    1. To be honest with you, when i wrote this, i was thinking about similar words from you. Majority of your poems are along the similar lines and knowing that something “similar” happened to characters of your poems, the muse just took me on a similar path.
      Thanks once again! πŸ™‚

    2. wow…
      That’s amazing…That has to be the most fantastic thing I have ever read…I was never expecting you take inspiration for my work. I always take inspiration from your work…and this is one of my favorite poems you’ve written. Maybe because my characters know it so much. I’m sorry your muse took you on a similar path…

    3. Awww you are such a darling. I guess its always more powerful to read when it hits home. So im glad you could relate to this poem and yes, it was very along your lines. No need to be sorry, my words made an impact and thats what i always wish for πŸ™‚

    4. Now your sounding like me!! Or am I sounding like you? And you are the darling! I never thought in a million years that some one would be inspired so wordsmithtress owly you are a one in a million! Ha πŸ™‚

  9. The not-quite-there-but-there undertones of coldness and angst, the cosmopolitan vibe and strong command of language made this so unforgettable.

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