You just can’t
see my green eyes,
when I close them
in that moment of
you pleasuring me
with your words,
because I don’t want you
to see
the broken bones
inside me,
while I mouth your name
and think of another.
Secret words
were losing thrill
as they became
pronounced too often
and when even more secrets
came out,
I just wanted to leave
the room,
the street,
the city,
but most of all,
I wanted you to leave my heart.
You spun me round
to screw hard
with my head
and those faint promises
were all lined up,
like soldiers
against the nazi wall,
that wasn’t strong enough
to hold the weight of our sins
(that you didn’t even consider serious!)
and everything went collapsing
in front of my green eyes,
that couldn’t cry

– Chatty Owl –

38 Replies to “A PLACE UNDER A MOON”

  1. The tough part about hiding behind closed eyes… You can’t see reality. The intoxicating words have one less dimension. Sure, they can be heard, perhaps even inhaled through the nose as they dance with thoughts… Without sight, all words are ultimately felt only through a vivid imagination. To see someone mouth those syllables and to validate one’s sincerity through the others eyes. Nothing else comes close. Closing eyes with purpose will only delay what will become known. Still need to periodically check where you are. Can’t stay blind forever. And some folks have a lot of patience.

    1. Thats very true. But closing eyes and hiding from reality is the result of not being able to face it. That’s the beauty of the human weakness…

  2. Princess, I always love reading what you write! I wished that I had the power you have in describing my feelings! šŸ™‚

  3. Your words just do it to me over and over and over….I’ll push from my computer screen with your emotion heavy in my hands…wonderful poem, Ms Owl

  4. No one ever said it will be easy But some roads are built in hope are far more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. Its up to you to chose.

  5. i love the immediacy of this verse. beautifully written, your poems also reflect an intense quality of listening to the world. this is how we feel. tony

  6. This is so sad but as always you capture that emotion with such impeccable truth and beauty. They form of this poem reflects the point of view perfectly. The broken feelings for the other and the fragments of wanting something new bleed through. As always, Chatty, great poem!

    1. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you know me a little – my poetry shines in the different light then! šŸ™‚

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