A day, marked in my calendar.
Anticipated, waited, dreamt of.
It had to be the day,
when your arms and hugs
were my only clothes
your kisses was the only thing
I eat.
My hands had to be resting
on your hips
as I try to reach your heart
with my words,
whispered in the air…
It’s the only day
of a painful reminder,
that the only thing
that makes me dizzy to the core
is not your scent,
but cheap red wine
inside a glass
I cracked this morning.

– Chatty Owl –

39 Replies to “JUNE 7TH”

  1. Days of planned potential and dreams seem more delicate than the paper fans that stoke a bonfire. One step sideways, one glance in a different direction (even if looking only within ourselves), one extra sip can disrupt the balance… Dreams fall, winds play with flames, fans burn, glasses crack… And we are left wondering if all days have no dates… Running into each other … Endlessly… Definitely dizzying… Cheers

    1. Dreams and anticipation is always a delicate matter. Its like a glass statue that we admire from afar, scared to come closer and have a better look. Just in case we touch it too abruptly, just in case we get so lost in the sparkle of a perfectly polished glass…
      Some days are more important than others. Sadly sometimes we dont appreciate them enough..

    1. Im sorry to hear that 🙂 even though i know you meant it as a compliment. That day my imagination wanted hints of sadness 🙂

  2. Great words again, :). This poem (as always) holds painfully crafted beauty and truth. All the way down to the last sip.

    1. As do yours, Chatty! ☺ But every word I write is well deserved!

  3. Your beautiful lines are an inspiring way to usher in this new day. If all else, in this world fails to live up to my expectations, today, I know I at least started it off wonderfully. Thank you, ChattyOwl.

    1. If I can go a day knowing I made your day better, more inspiring, etc, I go to bed in the evening knowing that my mission has been accomplished. 🙂 thank you for reading me.

  4. How romantic your poetry is and how such a few sweet and kind words can change ones whole day and even sometimes their whole life. My cup is full as my heart.

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