Your tongue
seeks revenge in my mouth
for what my hands have done
to your back,
when it was held straight
and mine was arched
for you.
My murmur
got stopped
by your pressure on my wrists
as I wiggled my way
under your
when you wanted it to be
your life

(It was in a way though, no?)

You say your heart is weak,
because cracks of the past
can’t stop
those red-coloured liquids
and in response
I just give you
my weak knees,
that are failing my body
on your bedroom floor,
and all the colour
is being drained
from my fingers,
that are now turning blue
as you kiss my

The end was not
what you expected.

– Chatty Owl –

57 Replies to “DEAD”

  1. Ends, which the exception of death, are rarely as expected… Which, by now, everyone should expect… Else, they haven’t lived, or learned … Words well imagined…

    1. If you say so… In this case, I am reflecting on my actual learnings… No guessing required… As I do enjoy thinking, I can’t help but wonder what was your trigger for first wanting to argue… Hmm

  2. Once again the Reader is mocking me and trying to hide great poems from me, but I am once again victourious. Lovely image weaving here, you ahve a way with words which makes them so sweet,yet so sharp at same time.

    1. Trust me, reader is getting on my nerves too. So bleeding much! But thanks for chasing me up and catching up with my writings!

    1. If that’s the effect my poetry gives, im very happy. And smiling big that you enjoy the poetry lust i express here πŸ™‚

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