Messy hair
is just a fracture
of a true mess inside your mind,
but like a careful guide
you beckon my body
to follow yours.
It’s a dance
with no rules,
but so beautifully in tune
to a perfection.
We always are though, right?
I chew
like a dog on a bone
these muffled words of yours,
as they leave your hollow mouth
into mine.
I’m sucking dry
the drops of your attention,
but somehow
leave you wanting me
I don’t write about matters
of my own heart,
‘cos I dont have one
and love affairs
always end
in the same way
as does my impeccable acting –
like a proof,
that I can lie
so well.
But not today.

– Chatty Owl –

104 Replies to “NOT TODAY”

  1. Wow beautiful reading! You should do this more often
    …or perhaps I have just been to lazy of late to really read anything, so I appreciated the chance to listen.
    But I did read this, as you read it aloud, and I enjoyed the sound your voice makes
    and your words, of course, as exquisite as ever
    in your clever ways.

    1. No no, totally understand the laziness.. I wish my favourite blogs did that for me too, ha. Especially if I would be listening to some low-toned man’s voice.
      I must thank you for your kind words though. Makes me smile πŸ™‚

    2. Well I guess it’s something I could have a go at, although I’m not sure about the “low toned” voice though….well not as bassey as Barry White anyway πŸ˜› heheh

      I had thought several months ago of recording my blog posts as a podcast, but like most of my ideas they/I lack the required dedication to see them through to fruition. ..Oh well, can’t have everything – lol!

  2. My goodness gracious. This was so moving. Your writing always wonderful,your voice in it’s reading took my breath. The fingers lightly playing the keys on the keyboard was the cherry on top. Delicious .

    1. You’re way too kind, my darling. Thank you.. As I mentioned before, I’m always a bit iffy about personal things like this, but I’m glad my voice was accepted with some compliments here. Knowing how sensually you write, I’m sure that if you did that, it would be a hit!

  3. Those that speaketh but that of truth do surely waste thine own breath, but those that speaketh from thine own heart do surely utter nothing less.

  4. Plus, a knee-killing melting intensity in your reading like a full-nelson of non-touched lust all about touch. Powerful amp of the poem.

  5. This one really heartbeats the “owls are not what they seem.” Love the Is-ness of the intensely unforgiving focus much like an owl which cannot move its eyes, must move its whole head to change perspective. Like the old adage of, “Well, how are you holding your mouth?” as an indicator of one’s frame of perspective. This piece just screams F**k yeah! … in a way very similar to that book “F**k It: the ultimate spiritual way.” Gonna go back and make this one a rerun.

    1. Hey! Thanks for all these comments! Im smiling big and nearly blushing at your blunt way of showing whats on your mind – keeps an owl happy!

  6. And here I was writing comments about your half-shadowed face without yet listening to your entrancing voice on this post. In refraining from simply claiming they’re lost to you, the men commenting here are simply being polite. Don’t believe them. With each replay, they’re ever more lost.

  7. I so regret not being able to hear your recording – must be my computer or lack of tech skills – but the poem is wondrous – and I don’t believe for a minute your claim of heartlessness

  8. Yeah, I won’t be original with my comment – “audio-poem” just kicks ass πŸ˜€ I honestly don’t know how you could improve that, it is just complete on all levels such work could be considered πŸ˜€ Besides that πŸ˜‰ I really liked it.

    Take care

    1. Hey! Sorry for a late reply. Well, its definitely beautiful to read your comment, dear. As i have said before, i have so much to catch up with your blog and share so many thoughts i have about what you write! I really need to find that magic thing called time.

  9. well I must say I am glad I came back to hear you read this…I needed to be somewhere where I could turn up the volume on my computer I think your voice gave this poem a lot more depth…very nicely done Chatty

    1. Hey you!!!!! Haha, you are always too kind for me, mister! Thanks! I doubt its really that good as you paint it, but oh hell, im not gonna argue with you, haha. Also, thanks for twitter-share, appreciated!

  10. A First?

    Hopefully your reviews will ensure it is not to be a last also! πŸ™‚

    ” I don’t write about matters of my own heart, ‘cos I dont have one
    and love affairs always end in the same way
    as does my impeccable acting – like a proof, that I can lie so well.

    But not today.”

    Such negative sentiments – so totally underserved.

    The humility in your soft voice emanates a desperate sadness. adding counterpoint to the ending.

    All in all quite a beautiful, almost fearful, work Chatty.

    1. I didnt expect you to comment on my blog any more. So its a pleasant surprise to see you actually check my work, oh furry one.
      Thank you. πŸ™‚

    2. How did i give you such an impression?? Because i said you were not being ‘fair’ before?? I think perhaps you misunderstood me somewhat ( many people do!)

      I read everything you write here, we are simply different people is all πŸ˜‰

  11. This was allready such a powerfull piece, words creating a very vivid image play, but listening the recording just made me go “Wow!”. Thank you for sharing this, I rarely get a chance to listen to good poetry spoken (saying good cause nowadays politicians reciting new laws on tv say they are reciting poetry-_-), it gave such a stronger impression and immersion and you have selfishly opened up the door of your personality to us, you made it complete personal and that is a very brave thing to do.

    1. You know how i feel about your poetry, so to receive such a heartfelt and generous comment from you is actually a very pleasant thing for me. Thank you.
      Im a rather secretive and private person, so it took some doubts and hesitation for me to post this, but I’m happy it paid off..

    2. I am glad that poetry is helping you liberate yourself and like I said, its a great courage to do so, if I ever tried to speak my poem out I don’t think I would be able πŸ™‚

    1. Im glad you like it! I was a bit iffy about posting it, but i can see that it was received rather warm, so maybe another voice post is on its way! πŸ™‚

  12. So now you’ve taken your words and turned them into a piece of performing art – that is amazing. I’m so envious of your talent, dear one.

  13. Chatty – this is professional artistry if I’ve ever seen/heard such; Beautifully crafted and brilliantly orchestrated. The music, your voice and the words — a treat to savor.
    Truly ~ RL

    1. Robyn, you always always know the right thing to say. Thank you… Your appreciation for what i do makes me smile real big πŸ™‚

  14. Sultry, not husky. Hearing it performed makes your art form quite remarkable. Its more a artful monogram than verse. Brilliant! Please make more.

    1. Hmmmm. Sultry? I dont hear it. I still settle for husky. But thanks.
      Make more? Hmmm. I might need to make a little poll to ask if thats something people would like. Who knows, i might do another one πŸ™‚

    1. Hi dear. Thank you so much for such a beautiful feedback. I guess inspiration and creativity is back for me πŸ˜‰

  15. Your voice makes my ears cry as I witness your lines. If only my prose had such a narrative.

  16. Silky smooth…adds so much more to your words
    ‘I’m sucking dry
    the drops of your attention,
    but somehow
    leave you wanting me


    1. I always think you are slightly bias to my writings, but nonetheless, im thankful that you always support me best. πŸ™‚

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