You put words in my mouth
instead of placing fingers
I let screams of anger,
when I should be shouting curses
ultimate pleasure.
Loud screeching noises
sounds of carnivore hunger
get mixed up in my mind,
while fading away into the fog
around us,
and like a sadistic siren
I enjoy
every single moment
that crows spend picking
on your heart.
should be burning your tongue
with mine,
but instead
I’m burning memories of us,
because scattered ashes
is the best way
to end it.

– Chatty Owl –

38 Replies to “PEAR-SHAPED”

  1. Wow, reading this was truly a cathartic experience for me and even though I wanted to turn away and stop reading my eyes wouldn’t let me, they knew I deserved to read every word and Im thankful I did!

  2. “The owl” does it again. *sigh*

    PS About a week ago, someone clicked on almost every gravatar in the like list of one of my posts (including you) and I see they popped up here. Those marketers will stop at nothing.

  3. Always so strong and powerful! Fantastic way to put the stamp on the end. Could feel the the words shouted at me with angry pleasure to finally have moved on from.
    “I’m burning memories of us,
    because scattered ashes
    is the best way
    to end it.”
    Always the best way!

    1. I think it happens quite often. We get overpowered by bitter feelings and insecure anger and passion just dies amongst those things..

    1. Definitely. Regardless of their intensity I much rather the 2 words of “Just ask” or “Just say” rather than depending on the mind-reading network having 5 bars. Playing scorpions in the desert dancing in circles around on eggshells is… pfft kinda thing 😀

    2. Rockin’ you’re welcomes! Thanks for your missile locked words. Dead on. As Bruce Lee might say if popped in the nose… “Nice contact.”

  4. i like the raw images that collide in your poem. thank you for sharing it with me today. tony

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