58 Replies to “TEMPTATION”

  1. Short – and ever so slightly bittersweet!

    With such feelings guilt doth lie and our other sins do then frolick,
    Oh what evils as do arise when our thought becomes shambolic


  2. The poem with the picture work perfectly together. I was reading the comments…and I believe the picture helps intensify the words and the words add more depth to the picture. Making it more then just a “sexy image.” Beautiful Work, Chatty! Beautiful.

    1. Thanks 🙂 i like different opinions from people. Its fun to see how readers react differently, its inspiring! Thanks for kind words, dear.

    2. As always, thank you for being so damn good at creating such beautiful pieces of writing, :).

    1. I recommend pairing it to Whitman’s poem “One hour to madness and Joy.” I did a symposium on the topic a couple of years ago. Hint: “I still have the kiss of Whitman on my lips” Wilde ~ after a brief meeting with the poet.

  3. Short and sweet, I really like it! Maybe its just the cynic in me but I have to wonder if you would have so many comments already had you not included that photo of yourself (not that I’m complaining)!

    1. Very good observation. Probably not. The power of sex appeal. People do tend to “judge a book by its cover”, so why not make a cover pretty?

    2. Oh I agree, sex it up!! I wonder though, would it have the same effect for me? I think sex appeal works much better on men than it does on women haha!

  4. Thank you for stopping, liking, and commenting on several posts. Your poetry and pictures are beautiful. I look forward to following your secretive blog.

    Take care,


  5. Hidden lust shows itself in forms you’ve never imagined it could.
    Perfect match of pic&poem.

    1. Thanks my dear! I guess with you knowing me the longest, its a compliment to see you are still around supporting what i do! Thanks!

    1. 🙂
      i never came to this site to read other peoples poetry or art, but now, with your work and some other peers works, i find myself captivated and logging in solely for that reason 🙂

      i wanna thank you for making me less selfish and more open

    2. Yeah, when i initially started writing here, it was purely for me and i didn’t bother much about other people’s writings…until i discovered some amazing blogs here and they were so inspiring, my priorities changed slightly since! So glad you feel the same, its some great stuff out there.

    3. I wanted to post a comment on apatheticpoet about “beautiful. and provoking” but it went down bellow all of your comments for some reason!

    4. He meant “laughing my ass off”.

      And what i was trying to say in my comment earlier, was that you left the comment in the correct place, i dont know why you think it appears at the bottom of all other comments. 🙂

    5. Ok. Thank you.
      But I thought it would appear just below his comment.
      This make me confused now, and I must think – and soon my nose will start to bleed!

    1. I love short pieces of poetry, I’m an Emily Dickinson, Stevie Smith sort of person.

      That is a great shot.

      You are beautiful!! 🙂

  6. To go along with the other post I just replied to about going up to someone who catches your eye, all I’m gonna say is… “How you doin?!” 😉

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