I can’t sleep again. It’s been the fourth night in a row now. (Well, it was more, but I’d like to document only recent extremities).

I would love to blame you for that, but you don’t exist.

My thoughts, like sirens in the sea, are luring me to toy with the rusty flow of my mind.

I need a diversion. But the problem with them is…you get involved.

– Chatty Owl –

4 Replies to “DIVERSION”

  1. If l can’t live my life the way l want ,its not worth living. You have great thoughts about life.Have a wonderful day.jalal

  2. Indeed,great expressions!

    Beyond diversion you need something utterly. An existential view is that you have to make your choice to be revealed of itches, worries and agony. You have to make the seemingly difficult change to satisfy your true need. Ive realized that my mind can be my worst enemy, it wanders around, to and fro like a ghost, mixing up things, get me into all kinds of diversions. Instead of just getting down to the actual need and cut the Gordian knot in two. No matter what, do the necessary change to fulfill my true need, What ever it takes. I rather have the bath of steel than mold into oblivion.

    It is hard but worth it!

  3. I know that feeling all to well.
    This is so great Owly

    ‘My thoughts, like sirens in the sea, are luring me to toy with the rusty flow of my mind.’
    Perfect ❤

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