I make you believe that
I’m an open book
by making you read me
backwards –
like a cryptic countdown.
But you already know
the culminating end
will be
those peaceful, well-known words
“once upon a time…”
Hard covers are lying
about how tough I am
and how well I bluff
looking right at your face,
but we both can’t hide
the attraction,
that’s measured in two-tone
poker chips and
rigid paper money,
hidden in the scent of those old books.
So don’t ask me
why I continue drinking coffee –
I’m just hoping
to find you
at the bottom of my cup.

– Chatty Owl –

30 Replies to “CALM MONDAY”

    1. Well, it’s a virtue to be able to take such pain and turn it into something so beautiful. Be proud of your scars as well as your feats accomplished despite them. They make you who you are.

  1. Really like this one a lot, brings to mind the notion of feeling more alone together than apart! My favorite line though: “Hard covers are lying
    about how tough I am and how well I bluff” great stuff as always!

    1. Thanks, once again.. You seem to pick my favourite lines too and it always make me smile. I guess knowing a person even a little bit, changes how one’s words affect the reader and makes it a little bit more special. Thanks for being supportive!

    2. You’re very welcome! I completely agree, knowing a person does change how you read their words but I think also that maybe our brains are wired very much the same so we both tend to like the same words or phrases more than others! Probably though it’s a combination of both.

  2. Wow, it enthralls me!
    Nothing in this world is yours to keep. We borrow each other and ourselves just as all the things and places by where we live. Our lives may be summed up into books and stories, happy beginnings and bad ends, inside down and upside back. Although in this very moment, beyond all lies and tries, there is a vivid essence in our vial. That is in the bottom of your cup and in you and me. And every little bit of it, is worth the trial.

    1. My books never start with such good words. It’s always the opposite of the happy ending/beginning ๐Ÿ™‚ you know, i dont particularly like happy endings – even if i believe in it, others dont. Like mermaid stories :P:P

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