Rough cat-like tongue
The sounds of nibbled flesh,
Damp kisses and the traced arousal

You pick the patches of my skin
And make them soak the passion up.

You fuck my soul
Inside and out
The same way that you eat your way towards me.

The fingers. Clenched.
Nails dig into my palm and cause my anger.
The wrists. Held tight.
I’m over-used and under-fucked

No words are said
Yet arching joints communicate with one another

I grab my vividness of ditched imagination
The lips are cursing and the brain just sends the impulse of the twitching soul
I shout out loud yet all you hear is dripping noise of leaking pleasure.

You scrunched the corners of my mind into a ball of sticky memories of you.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

10 Replies to “OVER. UNDER  ”

  1. Damn, How that moment would be. Scrumptiously Sticky. I thank you for your thoughts. My Soul has been left curious what it would be like to Fuck amother soul. scrunching! A beautiful mess i imagine

  2. The way i would work my tongue and my fingers would drive you insane.

    After i leave you laying on the bed, weak from my lips and tongue, ill finish you off, nice and gently at first…slowly building speed. Roughly taking whats mine…

    Im sorry…:did i say that out loud? :p

  3. You definitely would taste good.

    Im gentle at first. The way I work my tongue and my fingers at the same time would drive you absolutely insane.

    After I leave laying there soaked on the bed, i get ready to finish you off. NLong, deep penetration until you scream for me.

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