Some things happen by pure accident. You notice people around you and some of them just glue their portraits in your mind. Hazel colours, surprisingly pleasant smiles, inviting stubble and kissable lips. Sometimes you’re just too fascinated by those untameable features and cocky prejudiced opinions. You pinch your courage and let the conversation flow. It’s just that sometimes… it just doesn’t. You thought the chemistry would be there, right? Ha, it was left outside in the cold! And all you’re left with now is speechless talk to soothe you down to boredom.

You looked so terribly uncomfortable and disappointed. I should have saved you by just standing up to leave. Your scruffiness suited you so much, but that dry kiss just made things awkward.

Minutes pass in their own snaily pace. Me and you. We weren’t intrigued nor interested as such. I lied I was, I’m sure you did too. Who will be the first to call off all those rendezvous to come? Initiate it if you dare.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

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