Today let’s talk about women. Special women. The ones, that can be softly evil. Even a little bit disgusting. (To other women). Today let’s talk about women that catch every man’s eye. Or sometimes even both of them. Women like that are everywhere – you can see them sitting in the corner of a cafe or at the back of the bus. They are fiddling with a string of hair, cross their legs when it’s not needed and look down in a sexy manner so they could look up at you again and make you shiver. They are so naturally fake, that you want to dunk one in your coffee or keep it in your pocket. Where your heart is. Close.

And I’m one of them.

– Chatty Owl –

3 Replies to “WOMEN”

    1. Well, my blog changed so much over years, i deleted quite a lot of stuff, so it ended up being the first post, yes. But i think my very first one for real was something else. Cant even remember now.

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